Make Money Selling Crafts
Books that teach you how to make money doing what you love! These are a must have for anyone interested in selling their crafts. They cover topics such as;

  • Top selling items at craft and trade shows

  • How to market your products
  • Display techniques
  • How to price your crafts and much more!!!!

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Crafting As a Business
Handmade for Profit
How to Make $40,000 a Year With Your Wood Crafts
How to Sell What You Make
Make Your Woodworking Pay for Itself
Making & Selling Herbal Crafts
The Rummager's Handbook : Finding, Fixing, and Selling "Junk"
You Can Do It! Sell Your Own Crafts
Selling Your Dolls & Teddy Bears

Creating a Web Page to Sell Your Crafts?

Illustrator 9 Bible
Real World Photoshop 6



Gourd Crafting Books

Gourd Crafting Tools finishing products, woodburners, sandpaper, hardware, etc.

Videos Learn various crafts with these informational videos!

Selling Crafts Tips and tricks on how to turn your hobby into a real money maker!!!!!!

Basket Weaving

Nature Crafts Use materials found in your own backyard!

Copyright-Free Designs great for all crafters!!!

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They even have a
Lawn & Patio Store


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